Schedule attorney or adjuster Call

The Mitchell Law Group recognizes the importance of using technology to enhance the ease and experience of working with our law firm. One way that we use technology to improve that experience is through our Attorney Telephone Conference Policy in which we ask that all telephone conferences with an attorney of our firm are scheduled.

Whether an attorney or insurance adjuster, as a busy professional it is often hard to connect by telephone. Our policy endeavors to solve that problem and make the most effective use of your time and our time. You can set the time when you would like one of our attorneys to call you for a telephone conference. This can be done right here by using the form below which will set up a phone call that will be put on our attorney’s calendar immediately.

That’s it. We’ll even send you a reminder email when it’s time for our call. That’s all it takes to set up an appointment with the office that you’ll be prepared for, we’ll be prepared for, and you won’t have the frustration of calling and wondering when we’ll be able to call back.